Links and Resources

In Glasgow:

Glasgow Medical Humanities Network:

Glasgow Medical Humanities Research Centre Blog:

Glasgow Medical Humanities NHS:

Medical Humanities Research Network Scotland (MHRNS):

Further afield:

Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University:

Disability Studies Quarterly:

Equality and Diversity Blog, LSE:

Disability Research Forum:

Progress Report to Scottish Parliament on ‘Additional Support for Learning’ legislation:

Disabilities at Work Blog (Chris Rossiter):

Are there any disability studies related blogs, online journals or websites that you’ve found particularly helpful or interesting? Let us know and we’ll list them here.

2 thoughts on “Links and Resources

  1. You could give a mention to the Progress Report to Scottish Parliament on Additional Support for Learning legislation in Scotland. We now have some improved data on the achievements of those with additional support needs. Of course there is much to be done but could we positive about 500 students in Higher Education with their additional support need; the 70 students in Higher Education who have autism or 30 with visual impairment.

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